Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Woo... I just got my blogger dealy. I guess it's because Melo is down... Sorry for all of youi that hate Melo. I love it. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Oooh hush!

Well my sisters come today. Woo great. One from New Mexico (Holloman AFB) and one from Bozeman, Montana. Sounds fun huh? NO! My oldest sister Raquel is getting married to a guy I haven't approved of AND Kevin, Dayna's husband, isn't coming. I am so sad because he is the only person that really understands me when everyone comes over. I guess it's because the babies make everything bad.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? My nephews. Yes they are coming and they are 1 and 3. Satan's children I tell you. They can be nice once and a while... when they're sleeping.

Nothing is going right. Matt G left online last night and I was left there begging him to come back while I sulked because Arianna stole my backup and he even said "I feel like there's something wrong"... It's like shut up and leave me alone. I really don't understand people these days.

I am going to die alone and they will find my body two weeks later half eaten by wild dogs........... YES!

must be off to check out the rest of the site

xoxoxoxox Nadia